About Us

Jenna and Eric

We're Eric and Jenna, and we have a pick-your-own blueberry farm near Oxford, Iowa, fifteen minutes west of Iowa City. In 2012, we (and a group of very dedicated friends and family members) planted 200 highbush blueberry bushes, and the next year, another 100. We have 100 of the Bluecrop variety, 100 Spartan, and 100 Nelson—and all are delicious! We follow organic practices, but we're not yet certified. 

Iowa's blueberry season is late June to mid-July. Make an appointment to come out and pick by e-mailing or calling: 

(319) 400-9903

2017 pricing: $5 per pound

UPDATE 7/25/17: The Nelsons are ripe, but the bushes are young, so there aren't tons of berries. Looks like we're done for the season! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and picked this year. 

Kids are welcome. Dogs can come, too, but they must be leashed and stay near you as you pick. (We love dogs, but our two llamas don't.)


Hey, why not like us on Facebook? Remember to post photos of your visit! We also have a Pinterest page with photos of the farm, blueberry recipes, and blueberry-themed art. And our two llamas, Jake and Elwood, like to say funny things on Twitter: @llama_jake and @llama_elwood